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Why do we love certain foods more than others?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Some people like simplistic food and some cannot resist the flavors and aroma of a complex preparation. Some cuisine appreciators love to cook a well prepared meal at home while some simply love to go out with friends and share a degustation experience. But what is the drive within us to explore for that particular taste or a specific cuisine? Understanding what influences our food decision can definitely help us all make healthier food decisions and also enhance our food vocabulary.

Whether it is Sunday morning brunch or late night dinners, whether you are at work or relaxing at home, there is nothing as fulfilling as having your favorite food. Now favorite food for one food lover can be a home cooked pasta dish and for another it can be a chef prepared gourmet dish at a fine dining restaurant. We all have our preferences when it comes to food, and a lot is influenced by our experiences, culture, upbringing and simply penchant for discovering great food!

The truth we choose foods for many reasons besides hunger. Personal taste, family preferences, cultural influences, emotional reasons, health concerns, societal pressures, convenience, cost, and variety and quantity of the available offerings all come into play when we choose what to eat. If you learn more about what influences your choices, you may be better able to control what you eat each day, according to

Here are some main factors that influence our food decisions:

1. Taste Rules

The main reason we choose a particular food is because we like the way it tastes.

2. Eating With Your Eyes

Sometimes, wanting to eat something is all about how yummy it looks.

3. Cost and Convenience

Cost and convenience also weigh heavily in our food choices. Time-saving food choices are a major factor for anyone with limited time for shopping and cooking. But expenses can add up quickly when you rely on restaurant, takeout, and convenience foods.

4. Too Many Choices!

"Buffets" - No matter how hard you try, you end up wanting to sample "just a bite" of virtually everything on the buffet. You end up eating way too many calories, when quite frankly, You would have been just as satisfied with a soup and salad.

5. Social Settings

Typically, we eat more when we eat meals away from home and in the company of others.

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